Paid and Unpaid Work Experiences

Train the Adults of Tomorrow

Paid Work Experiences

Youth work experiences through the Adams County Youth Succeed program allow youth with barriers the opportunity to gain valuable work experience as an employee paid for through federal funding - at no direct cost to you!

Benefits For Employers

  • We Pay!

    • Adams County covers 100% of wages and provides Worker’s Compensation Insurance for the duration of the work experience.
  • You Choose!

    • Employers can determine features of the work experience including rate of pay, hours per week, job duties, and supervisor(s) with the help of our Business Development Representative.
  • Job-Ready Youth!

    • Our Business Development Representative can provide additional training for youth on job readiness skills.
  • Develop Your Future Employees!

    • Help train our youth to be the kind of adult workers you would like in your industry.
  • Gain Potential Employees!

    • Work experiences are like an extended interview and excellent candidates may be ready for permanent positions by the end.

Benefits For Youth

  • Work Experience!

    • Youth gain valuable work experience at your place of business and learns what it takes to be a successful employee in your industry.
  • Resume Enhancement!

    • Work Experiences give youth with little or no work experience a valuable edge on their resumes.
  • Job Skills Development!

    • Youth in work experiences get training directly from employers in soft skills like teamwork, dependability, communication, customer service, and more.


What are the employer’s responsibilities? 

  1. Provide a job description to the Business Development Representative for an entry-level position
  2. Participate in the screening and selection process of referred candidates
  3. Designate a supervisor/mentor who will monitor the training and skills development for the youth participant
  4. Manage timesheets for the work experience
  5. Comply with all employment laws

How old are youth in the program?

  • Currently, our youth are ages 16-24. 

Who selects the youth participants?

  • Youth participants are carefully selected by Adams County youth case managers, taking into consideration your job needs and the suitability of the candidate. As the employer, you have the final say in the hiring decision.

What is the length of the work experience?

  • Work experiences are generally 20-25 hours per week for 12 weeks. The exact length will be determined based on your business needs, the youth’s availability, and funding availability.

Can the youth be hired long-term?

  • Yes! After completing a work experience, you are encouraged, but not required, to offer regular employment should the youth participant be a good fit for your business.

Unpaid Work Experiences

Unpaid internships are generally more short-term (6-8 weeks), and we provide a stipend for youth upon successful completion.  Internships are generally offered to younger youth who may have no work experience or are interested in learning more about a potential job field. Participants complete an unpaid internship, but are compensated with a monetary incentive paid for by our program.

Interns comply with worksite volunteering requirements, including any time commitment or length of service commitments.

Worksites must also comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act criteria for unpaid internships.

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