Adams County Commissioners Award $5.8 Million in Open Space Grants

Open Space Grants

As a result of the voter-approved Open Space Sales Tax, the Adams County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) awarded $5.8 million in open space grants for nine projects during today’s public hearing. Funding for this grant cycle came from revenues from the first half of the 2016 Adams County Open Space Sales Tax.

The Open Space Advisory Board reviewed 14 grant applications for this grant cycle, recommending that the BOCC approve seven of the projects for full funding, and two projects for partial funding. Today, the BOCC awarded nine open space grants totaling $5,877,412.77.

“Our local parks and open spaces are staples in Adams County and we are honored to support these projects that will continue to grow and strengthen our community,” said Steve O’Dorisio, BOCC chair. “We are also proud to be investing in several acquisitions to include an additional 229 acres of open space within Adams County.”

When the Open Space Sales Tax was passed by Adams County voters in 1999, the ballot question called for the creation of a citizen Open Space Advisory Board. This board recommends open space projects to the BOCC for funding. Grants are funded from 68 percent of the tax proceeds and are awarded twice a year.

Below are the grant recipients and details of their grant awards.

Twin Lakes Park Mile High Youth Corps Russian Olive Removal—Adams County
Project Summary:  This project proposes to hire the Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) Sawyer Crew to aid in the removal of the invasive Russian Olive on publically-owned, open space lands in Adams County. This grant will help fund the use of the MHYC for two weeks with a wood chipper. Twin Lakes Park is located at 200 W. 70th Avenue.
Partial Grant Award: $5,000

High School Seniors Beautification Project at Fairview Cemetery—City of Brighton
Project Summary:  This project involves the use of volunteer labor from high school seniors to enhance the beauty of the Fairview Cemetery. The seniors will plant 35 deciduous trees along the edges of the property to create additional shade and beauty for visitors. Fairview Cemetery is located at 102 N. Telluride Street.
Partial Grant Award: $4,850

Willow Bay Open Space Acquisition—Adams County
Project Summary:  Adams County will use this grant to fund the acquisition of 162 acres located along the South Platte River directly north of the Adams County Regional Park and south of Brighton’s Ken Mitchell Open Space. This property has been a high priority acquisition for many years as it provides a crucial trail connection in addition to outstanding natural and recreational opportunities. The Willow Bay Open Space is located at 136th Avenue and Brighton Road.
Grant Award: $3,000,000

Sable Farmland Acquisition—City of Brighton
Project Summary:  The City of Brighton plans to acquire 64.169 acres, located within the agricultural District Plan. This property will be preserved with a conservation easement and remain as farmland according to the District Plan adopted by Adams County and the City of Brighton. The grant will be used for the purchase, 70.8 Fulton Ditch water shares, appraisal, baseline documentation, phase one environmental assessment, closing costs and survey/mapping. The farmland is located in the south area of Brighton, as outlined in the District Plan.
Grant Award: $1,674,750

Egging Open Space Acquisition—City of Westminster
Project Summary:  The City of Westminster plans to acquire a 3.57 acre site, located south of 128th Avenue on Pecos Street. This property will allow the city to expand the buffer along the Big Dry Creek Open Space and Park, and create additional trails while taking advantage of the spectacular mountain views. The Egging Open Space property is located at 12631 Pecos Street.
Grant Award: $367,25

Westminster Station Park, Phase I—City of Westminster
Project Summary:  This project includes design and construction of a nature playground, pavilion, restroom and storage building, connecting to the Little Dry Creek Trail, lighting, site furnishings, landscaping and irrigation. These elements will serve the residents and community at-large as an addition at the Westminster Station, RTD B-Line site. The Westminster Station Park is located at 6940 Lowell Boulevard.
Grant Award: $506,000

Brighton Japanese-American Association Park Master Plan—City of Brighton
Project Summary: This project will create a master plan for the Brighton Japanese-American Association Park, which was constructed in 1951. The process will involve the residents to develop a master plan for the improvements to include in the park as well as ways to honor the Japanese-American history of the site. Brighton Japanese-American Association Park is located at 1220 Longs Peak Street.
Grant Award: $16,000

Trupp Park Shade and Seating Amenities—Town of Bennett
Project Summary:  This grant will add additional trees, seating and shade structures throughout Trupp Park. Trupp Park is located at 105 W. Palmer Street.
Grant Award: $21,500

Clear Creek Valley Park Deep Well and More—Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by the City of Arvada)
Project Summary:  This project includes funding for a deep well into the Laramie-Fox Hill aquifer, necessary to meet reliable future irrigation and water augmentation requirements of the park. Additional fencing, landscaping, soft surface trails and a fishing dock are also included in the project. Clear Creek Valley Park is located at 5900 Tennyson Street.
Grant Award: $282,062.77