Adams County Commissioners Vote to Enhance Internet Services for All Residents

Google Fiber and Adams County

Google Fiber will bring faster speeds and better service to Adams County internet users, as the Adams County Board of Commissioners (BoCC) approved an agreement today with the company that allows the installation, maintenance, and operation of a fiber-optic broadband network in the public right-of-way.

This will increase broadband access and speeds and ensure currently underserved neighborhoods have equitable access to the internet. 

“Staying ahead with new tech is key for our area's growth. We are all about attracting people and businesses, making sure they've got what they need to thrive, which includes reliable internet access” said County Commissioner and Chair, Emma Pinter. “Plus, even non-customers stand to benefit. We’ve seen in other markets that once Google enters the picture, other companies step up their game!"

Google Fiber plans to begin construction on their network in early 2025. This will include narrow trench excavation, which should help minimize the impact of construction throughout the county and other right-of-way property.

“Fast, reliable internet is a necessity and should be available to everyone in today’s world,” said Noel Bernal, Adams County Manager. “We’re excited to start connecting all our residents and businesses to whatever they need and want to do online.” 

Google Fiber currently has right-of-way agreements with numerous cities in the Denver area, including Westminster, Wheat Ridge, and Lakewood.

"We’re excited Adams County has joined a fast-growing list of cities and counties in Colorado to approve a license agreement with GFiber,” said Alberto Garcia, GFiber Government & Community Affairs Manager - Colorado. “We look forward to bringing reliable, high-bandwidth internet to this vibrant community."