Adams County Enhances Emergency Management Efforts Through Collaborative Transition

Adams County is proud to announce a significant transition in its emergency management efforts, which will further strengthen public safety measures and reinforce the county's commitment to safeguarding its residents and visitors. After thorough consideration and in-depth collaborative discussions between the Adams County Manager's Office and the Adams County Sheriff's Office, it has been decided to shift the oversight of the Emergency Management Office from the Community Safety & Well-Being Department to the Sheriff's Office.

This strategic decision is rooted in our unwavering dedication to the safety of the community and the county's overall mission. Both the County Manager and the Sheriff firmly believe aligning emergency management with the Sheriff's Office will lead to improved coordination, comprehensive services, and effective response capabilities during emergencies.

"Ensuring the safety of our residents is always our top priority. By integrating the Emergency Management Office into the Sheriff's Office, we aim to enhance our ability to respond swiftly and efficiently to any crisis," stated County Manager, Noel Bernal. "This collaborative transition will pave the way for a closer partnership between the Emergency Management Office and the Sheriff's Office, allowing us to leverage each other's strengths and resources to better protect the lives and property of all individuals in Adams County."

With an established track record of managing critical incidents, the Sheriff's Office possesses the necessary infrastructure, expertise, and experience to oversee emergency management operations seamlessly.

"Joining forces with the Emergency Management Office will enable us to create a more resilient community," said Gene Claps, Adams County Sheriff. "Our collective efforts will streamline operations and strengthen our emergency preparedness, response, and recovery efforts, benefiting everyone in Adams County."

This collaborative approach will ensure the Emergency Management Office and the Sheriff's Office work hand in hand, maximizing existing networks, knowledge, and capabilities.

"By aligning emergency management with the Sheriff's Office, we reinforce our commitment to public safety and create a more cohesive and efficient response to emergencies," said Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio.

It is important to note that while the oversight responsibility is shifting, certain aspects will remain unchanged. The office location and contact phone numbers for the Emergency Management Office will remain the same, ensuring seamless access to emergency management services for residents and stakeholders.

This decision was made after thorough consideration, consultation, and analysis, with the goal of achieving the highest standards of emergency preparedness and response. The county is committed to ensuring a smooth transition and will work closely with all stakeholders and community members throughout the process.