Adams County Finalizes 12 Adoptions on National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day

Just in time for the holidays, National Adoption Day on Saturday, Nov. 19, marked a new beginning for 12 children in Adams County. Chief Judge Patrick T. Murphy gathered the families for a carnival-themed celebration before they finalized their adoptions.

“This was an exciting day for the families who finalized their adoptions, and it also served as a good reminder for the many kids in Adams County and across Colorado who are looking for their forever homes every day,” said Commissioner Charles “Chaz” Tedesco. “As our 11th annual observation of National Adoption Day, we are proud to participate to give these kids something they deserve, and we hope to continue to spread this awareness for many years to come.”

As part of the celebration, this was also an opportunity to recognize other Adams County children/youth who are waiting for a permanent home. Adams County has approximately 30 children waiting for an adoptive home at any given time, and in the state of Colorado, there are more than 280 kids who are waiting for an adoptive family. 

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Photo: Chief Judge Patrick T. Murphy dances with children before adoptions are finalized.