Board of Commissioners Vote to Opt Out of Tri-County Health Department’s Mask Order for Children Ages 2-11

The Board of Commissioners voted 3-2 at public hearing today to opt out of Tri-County Health Department’s mask order for children ages 2-11. The commissioners’ action today allows each school district to follow or amend existing protocols. The opt out allows for each district to implement their individual approach.  

“I do believe in masks; however, this particular health order is flawed and for that reason we are opting out of the public health order for masks,” said Adams County Commissioner Eva J. Henry, board chair. “County commissioners have never given directives to school boards as they are a separate elected body and locally controlled, and I believe our State Board of Education and local boards make the best decisions for their communities and our children.”   

For more information on the current public health order, please visit Tri-County Health Department’s website.