Dale Snyder Named Adams County Employee of All Seasons

Dale Snyder Named Adams County Employee of All Seasons

The Adams County Board of Commissioners announced Dale Snyder as Adams County Employee of All Seasons at the county’s annual Employee Recognition Luncheon on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Dale began his career with Adams County in November 2018 as Building Maintenance Technician II in the Facilities & Fleet Management Department and continues to serve in this role today. As part of the county’s recognition program, Dale was nominated and chosen as the Fall Employee of the Season winner in the Unsung Hero category, which honors individuals for providing “behind-the-scenes” high quality, reliable, and critical work that if not completed, would compromise operations; and for improving work situations without fanfare or being prompted.

Dale’s nomination read: “Do you ever wonder how your flickering light is suddenly fixed? How the new pictures in your new office were hung?  How the speed of a closing door change, so as not to slam shut? How did the air conditioning get fixed when it is 95° outside? How did the ice machine suddenly work again? The answer to those questions and many more is … Dale. While one of many on the Building Maintenance team to do such things, Dale somehow manages to be everywhere at once. He is always in a good mood and finds time for anyone and everyone. He has gone above and beyond for our team more than just a few times. In fact, there are so many unseen tasks he does for us, it is impossible to name them all. While most of what Dale does is unseen and unheard, when one does see him, he greets you by name and always with a smile. He is truly a magician and exceptional person and the glue that keeps the building together. Dale deserves to be recognized because he would never ask for or expect recognition such as this. He would say he is just doing his job. It is an important job that can often be taken for granted.”

Dale is a devoted, talented, and exceptional Adams County employee. He was acknowledged for his hard work, dedication, and commitment to our county and its residents.

Adams County currently has approximately 2,680 employees who serve the county’s over 520,000 residents. To become Employee of All Seasons, employees are nominated and voted on by their coworkers, the Recognition Committee, and Adams County residents.

The Employee Recognition Luncheon is an annual event to recognize employees who have reached a milestone year with the county, employees with over 20 years of service, and the Employee of the Season award recipients.

Pictured left to right: Commissioner Emma Pinter, Commissioner Eva J. Henry, Facility Operations Manager Erik Bryant, Dale Snyder, Facilities & Fleet Management Director Ameer Faquir, Commissioner Lynn Baca, and Deputy County Manager Chris Kline.