Floodplain Management Program Reduces Yearly Insurance Costs for Residents

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has given the Adams County Floodplain Management program a Class 9 Community Rating System (CRS) in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). As a result, Adams County residents and businesses are now eligible to receive a five percent discount on flood insurance.

The county’s Floodplain Management program, which was developed to protect citizens from losses caused by flooding, exceeded the requirements for NFIP allowing for qualification in the National Flood Insurance Program. FEMA oversees NFIP and works with more than 80 private insurance companies to offer flood insurance to homeowners, renters, and business owners. NFIP is a voluntary program that encourages agencies to establish effective floodplain management policies.

Adams County’s rating became effective on Oct. 1, and the five percent discount is now available to flood insurance policyholders. The rating is shared with insurance companies, and residents and businesses are encouraged to contact their insurance agent to verify the discount. The average yearly discount in Adams County will be around $89 per policy.

“This is the first time Adams County has achieved a CRS rating from FEMA,” said Board of Commissioners Chairman Steve O’Dorisio. “In addition to saving residents and businesses money on their insurance premiums each year, the Floodplain Management program’s work also ensures that Adams County is well-prepared to make a quick recovery in the event of a flood.”

In addition to individual savings on flood insurance, NFIP offers other benefits to the county, including educational programs for residents, increased public safety, and safeguards to minimize economic losses to private property and public infrastructure.

The Adams County Floodplain Management program is part of the county’s Community and Economic Development department. For more information, contact the department at 720.523.6800 or visit adcogov.org/community-and-economic-development.