Phone Scam Attempted on United Power Members

Be Aware and Be Sure You’re Doing Business with United Power

United Power is warning members to be aware of a common phone scam that has been recently attempted on United Power members. Callers pretending to be from United Power have contacted United Power members claiming to be from the utility. They claim that payment is past-due and threaten to disconnect electric service if the member doesn't pay immediately. In many cases, the members are told to pay with a prepaid debit card and are instructed to call a phone number where they are prompted to enter the account information.

“Often these scammers target small businesses and seniors, or members who may not speak English as their primary language,” said Antelia Ball, Manager of Member Services. “We want to reach as many of our members as possible with this important message so none of our members become a victim to this scam. Knowing how United Power does business is their best defense against this crime.”

United Power offers several ways for members to connect with their cooperative, and offers these tips to help members know when they are doing business with United Power:

  • United Power will never call a member or visit a member in person to demand immediate payment. United Power members behind on their electric bills are sent a notice in the mail and the cooperative follows-up with a recorded phone message. In all instances, the member is instructed to call the cooperative to initiate a payment.
  • United Power will never demand that members pay with a prepaid debit card. United Power offers several payment options, and the member is always free to choose the payment method they prefer.
  • Your best defense is staying informed of your account status. Members can get updates on their account status, current due and billing due date at any time by calling United Power at 303-637-1300 or by logging in to their account via SmartHub. 

United Power asks members to be extra vigilant whenever they are paying money to a service provider. Never give personal information over the phone if you are not sure who is on the other end of the line. Hang up the phone and dial the number on your utility bill. If you are approached at home for payment of your electric bill, do not give them any money. Get a detailed description of the person and call the local police.

United Power, Your Touchstone Energy® Partner, is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative delivering electricity to more than 79,000 members at homes, business, and farms in Colorado's north central front range.More information about the organization and energy saving tips can be found at Follow the cooperative on social media on or