Printing Error on Property Tax Envelopes

Example of Incorrect Envelope

A small number of Adams County property tax statements could be arriving in envelopes marked “Littleton Sewer and Storm Drainage Utility.” 

The county’s external print vendor, Seattle-based The Master’s Touch, believes the error will impact less than one percent (500-3,000) of the 180,000 property tax statements the county is mailing. The error is believed to have occurred in their facility when envelopes from a previous print job were accidentally left in their sorting equipment.

“We understand the inconvenience and confusion this might create for some residents,” said Treasurer Brigitte Grimm. “Those affected account holders should receive another statement in the correct envelope in the coming days. If these residents believe meeting the deadline will be an issue due to this printing error I invite them to contact me directly.”

The contents of the envelopes were correct, with a property tax statement, a return label and other supporting documents. Account holders can still pay their balance using the statement from the incorrect envelope, but a second statement is being sent to ensure delivery.

Account holders with questions can email Treasurer Grimm at, [email protected] or call her directly at 720-523-6166.