Recycling in Adams County is Easier This Earth Day

Residents can celebrate Earth Day by signing up for recycling at their homes, a service now available in all parts of unincorporated Adams County.

In February, the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) unanimously approved an ordinance that requires all trash collection providers operating in unincorporated Adams County to offer curbside recycling services to their residential and commercial customers. The ordinance does not mandate what trash providers can charge for recycling services paid by the resident or business.

Extensive research and community input found lack of convenient access to recycling services in unincorporated parts of the county was a top barrier to diverting waste from the landfill. In a residential survey, respondents overwhelmingly reported recycling was a worthwhile effort and believed Adams County should do more to increase access to recycling services and programs in unincorporated areas. Only 30% of the survey respondents believed households in their community had access to convenient recycling services.

“Residents told us recycling is important to them, but many in unincorporated Adams didn’t have access to services at their homes. Now, those residents can enroll in curbside recycling through their preferred trash collection company if they choose,” said BoCC Chair, Emma Pinter. “What a great way to celebrate Earth Day, signing up for a recycling service for the first time!”

The development of the Waste Hauler Licensing Ordinance is part of Adams County’s efforts to increase recycling and waste diversion rates across unincorporated areas from approximately 16% in 2022, to 40% by 2034. The county’s efforts align with the Sustainable Adams County 2030 Plan and the state’s goal of 39% waste diversion by 2026, and 51% diversion by 2036 along the Front Range.

Adams County received a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Front Range Waste Diversion (FRWD) program to pursue this project and develop the Solid Waste Hauler Licensing Ordinance.

Residents and businesses in unincorporated Adams County should contact their waste hauler to find out more about curbside recycling services and costs. More information about recycling and other waste reduction initiatives can be found at