17th Judicial District’s Veterans Treatment Court Accredited

Recently, the Colorado Supreme Court accredited Adams County’s 17th Judicial District Veterans Treatment Court for implementing outstanding, evidence-based, and proven practices. This is the first Veterans Treatment Court in the state to receive such an accreditation.

“It is an honor for Adams County to have the first accredited Veterans Treatment Court in Colorado,” says Emma Pinter, Board of County Commissioners Chair. “This is one of many wonderful programs we provide to Adams County veterans, and it’s great to see it recognized by the Colorado Supreme Court.”

The Veterans Treatment Court is as an alternative to incarceration for eligible military veterans facing the criminal justice system or who have needs for treatment of substance abuse or disorders such as traumatic brain injury or post-traumatic stress disorder that complicate their compliance with general probation or incarceration.

The program uses a collaborative, respectful, and accountable approach to assist military veterans in accessing treatment and support, while holding them accountable for their actions within the criminal justice system.

The accreditation shows the 17th Judicial District’s Veterans Treatment Court has demonstrated dedication to evidence-based and proven practices, and that its work is true to the fundamental practices of problem-solving courts.

To become accredited, a program must apply to the Colorado Problem Solving Court Advisory Committee for review. After reviewing the applications, asking additional questions, and performing a site visit, the committee then votes on whether to recommend accreditation. That recommendation is sent to the Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court for approval.

Accreditation lasts for five years, with subsequent re-accreditation every three years thereafter.

For more information on services available to Adams County veterans, visit adcogov.org.