315,000-square-foot Adams County Human Services Center Set to Open in September

The new, state-of-the-art Pete Mirelez Human Services Center, currently under construction at 11860 Pecos Street, Westminster, is scheduled to open in early September. The consolidated agencies, including the Human Services Building, Children & Family Center, Workforce & Business Center (the Aurora Workforce & Business Center and limited workforce program services at the Adams County Government Center will remain available), and Head Start Administration, will bring together nearly 800 employees and the more than 500 residents they serve daily.  

“Our new center will allow us to redefine how our clients experience human services,” said Brian Kenna, Human Services deputy director. “When we consolidate our human services agencies, we’ll offer a greater opportunity to transform our service delivery through better relationships and collaborative partnerships.”  

As a result of increasing demand and need for more centralized services, this new center will accommodate both current and future clients, as well as take an innovative and appealing approach to design and functionality. Employees will occupy the new center during a phased move starting in September, and all clients will be notified when they will start receiving services at the new center. 

“Our wayfinding approach was designed to provide easy directional landmarks, and it will all center around a large orchard-themed mural in the new 4,000 square-foot lobby,” said Sean Braden, Adams County Facilities Planning and Operations project manager. “We will also integrate innovative workspace ergonomics that will allow for a more comfortable work environment for maximum productivity, health and safety.” 

To learn more about the history and review frequently asked questions, visit adcogov.org/humanservicescenter.