61,000 Adams County Ballots Now En Route to Voters

On Monday, Oct. 15, our print vendor, K&H Printers, delivered Adams County ballots to the USPS General Mail Facility. About 61,000 of those—including Clerk Stan Martin’s—did not make it into the mail stream and were returned to a secure location.

Once the Elections Office was made aware that some voters weren’t receiving ballots, we worked with our partners at the printer and USPS to locate the ballots.

Those ballots are now in USPS’ hands to be processed this evening for delivery to voters over the next few days.

“I understand that some voters are frustrated that they haven’t received their ballots, and I’m frustrated as well,” said Martin. “My team and I worked diligently today to get to the bottom of why those 61,000 ballots hadn’t been delivered, and I’m happy to report that they’ll be hitting mailboxes soon. I personally witnessed the ballots being removed from the secure and sealed trailer and then I verified that USPS started processing them.”

To learn more about which zip codes were affected and the political party affiliations of the 61,000 ballots, please read our full statement.

The clerk’s office is working with our print vendor and USPS to conduct a thorough investigation. We will release more information after the investigation is completed.