Adams County Board of County Commissioners Approves 2023 Budget 

Strong Economic Recovery, Unemployment Down 2%  

The Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) unanimously adopted the 2023 Adams County budget at public hearing on Tuesday, Nov. 22. The 2023 budget is set at $719,282,203, which is a 9% increase from 2022.  

Adams County’s collective and collaborative efforts were focused on building a structurally balanced and sustainable budget, especially considering the milestone accomplishment of funding a new Public Health Department to better serve the community in a post-pandemic environment.   

“This year’s budget includes investments reflecting the values of our community,” said County Manager Noel Bernal. “We maintained organizational balance while standing up a new 150-plus staffed Public Health Department to strategically deploy critical services into our communities, made employee investments maintaining our status as an employer of choice, and invested in capital improvements benefiting the county for many years to come.”  

When setting its priorities for the 2023 budget, the BoCC used five main criteria: education and economic prosperity, a high-performing and fiscally sustainable government, quality of life, safe and reliable infrastructure, and community enrichment.  

Some specific projects and costs in the 2023 budget include: 

  • $10.9 million in increased allocations in several areas to help our most vulnerable residents, including but not limited to homelessness programs, investments in the Head Start program, and a scholarship program for deserving students. 
  • $20.3 million in new and ongoing road and bridge projects. 
  • $6 million in new and replacement fleet needs throughout the county, including public safety, highway, and Colorado Air & Space Port equipment. 
  • $32.9 million in facility projects, including continuing construction on the Fleet & Public Works building. 
  • $8.6 million in Parks, Open Space & Cultural Arts projects, including acquisitions to enhance an already robust system.  

“I’m proud to present the 2023 budget to the people of Adams – a fiscally sound and responsible plan rooted in equity and inclusion,” said Lynn Baca, BoCC Chair. “We must continue pushing forward and address the challenges facing residents in Adams County. I am proud this balanced budget focuses on securing today and investing in tomorrow.”  

Based on these board priorities, the Budget & Finance Department, headed by Director Nancy Duncan, worked with Bernal and his staff to plan and prepare the proposed 2023 budget with input from all elected officials and department directors. The 2023 adopted budget is available for review at  

The mission of the Budget & Finance Department is to develop a financial plan ensuring the health, safety, and welfare of county residents. Adams County is committed to adopting a budget that facilitates the orderly and efficient delivery of county government services, as directed by the Local Government Budget Law of Colorado, other governmental mandates, policy directives developed by the BoCC, and resident feedback.