Adams County Buildings Closed Monday, March 15/Temporary Road Closures

Due to inclement weather, all county buildings and all county operations will be closed on Monday, March 15, including the offices of District Attorney, Justice Center, and Probation.


Due to the storm and blowing snow, visibility is very poor at this time. If you do not have to drive, please stay home. We currently have several stranded vehicles in the county, which makes it very difficult for crews to clear the roads and emergency vehicles to get through. In addition, there are several temporary road closures:

  •  120th Ave. - closed from Tower Rd. to Imboden Rd.
  •  168th Ave. - closed from Hayesmount Rd. to Watkins Rd.

  •  Colorado Blvd. - closed from 144th Ave. to 168th Ave.

  •  Riverdale Rd. - closed at 128th to the north due to significant drifting

  •  Quebec Rd. - closed at 128th Ave. to 160th Ave.

These roads will be reopened as soon as possible. Again, please DO NOT drive unless it is essential.