Adams County Certified Businesses under the 5 Star Program Can Now Operate at Level Blue

Colorado has officially met the statewide goal of vaccinating 70% of all Coloradans aged 70 plus. Meeting this goal means certified businesses currently operating at Level Yellow allowances under the 5 Star Program can now operate with Level Blue allowances.

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requires the Adams County Board of Commissioners approve certified businesses to operate in Level Blue, which the commissioners unanimously support. The county has already reached out and informed all certified businesses of this change and will work with each business to transition to the new operating capacities.

“We are thrilled the State has met the 70% vaccinations in the 70-plus population, for a variety of reasons,” said Eva J. Henry, Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair. “Getting more people vaccinated allows us to more quickly return to some sense of normalcy, and, in this case, allows our certified businesses to have less restrictions and open their doors to more patrons.”

Below are a few key allowances under Level Blue:

  • Restaurants can now have indoor capacity up to 50% or 175 people
  • Last call on premises is now midnight
  • Offices may return to 50% in-person staff capacity
  • Gyms/fitness centers can now have indoor capacity up to 50% or 175 people
  • Indoor seated/unseated events can now have capacity up to 50% or 175 people

“So many of our small businesses have been struggling for so long and under this new level they will be able to increase indoor capacity and ultimately increase revenue and start getting back to a better place,” said Raymond H. Gonzales, County Manager. “We are on the verge of returning to normal operations, and we’re so close, but we need everyone to remain diligent, do your part, and get the vaccination when it’s your turn.”

Businesses awarded certification under the 5 Star Program are required to follow CDPHE’s regulations, submit a safety plan and outbreak mitigation plan, and pass an onsite inspection of their safety protocols. Maintenance of 5 Star certification requires businesses to remain in compliance with their safety plan and have no verified safety complaints from customers or the public.

To find out more about the restrictions and allowances under Level Blue, visit the State’s website.