Adams County Commissioners Award $5 Million in Open Space Grants

Today, the Adams County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) awarded $5 million in open space grants for 17 projects thanks to the voter-approved Open Space Sales Tax. Funding for this grant cycle came from revenues from the second half of the 2017 Adams County Open Space Sales Tax, which was passed by Adams County voters in 1999.

The Open Space Advisory Board reviewed 18 grant applications this grant cycle, recommending that the Board of County Commissioners approve 15 of the projects for full funding, and two projects for partial funding. Today, 17 project grants were awarded totaling $5,082,490.50.

When the Open Space Sales Tax was presented to voters in 1999, the ballot question called for the creation of a citizen Open Space Advisory Board. This board recommends open space projects to the county commissioners for funding. Grants are funded from 68 percent of the tax proceeds and are awarded twice a year.

“Our local parks and open spaces are staples in Adams County and we are honored to support these projects that will continue to grow and strengthen our community,” said BOCC Chair, Mary Hodge. “The awards made today will provide better trail connectivity, restore riparian areas, and improve park and recreation amenities within the county.”

The grant recipients are as follows:

Falcon Resources Acquisition – Adams County
Project Summary: This project will provide funding to acquire the Falcon Resources property. This is a 14-acre parcel along the South Platte River, adjacent to Riverdale Regional Park on the north side. Acquisition will preserve the property for its riparian and forested habitats, and continue the open space buffer in that area. The Falcon Resources property is located at 136th Ave. and Riverdale Road.
Grant Award: $105,000

Rotella Park Shade Structures – Adams County
Project Summary: This grant will provide funding to support the installation of shade structures at the playground at Rotella Park. The park has very little shade near the playground for both playground and park visitors. The shade structures will provide a safer, more user-friendly environment for the park. Rotella Park is located at 1824 Coronado Parkway South.
Grant Award: $30,000

Mini Grant: Lake Appreciation Day 2018 – Barr Lake State Park (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary:  The purpose of this project is to bring public awareness to water quality and issues through the participation of 250 volunteers performing shoreline cleanup, eradicating noxious weeds, and staining boardwalks. The event is followed by lunch and educational activities for the volunteers. Barr Lake State Park is located at 13401 Piccadilly Road.
Grant Award: $3,900

Connecting Youth and Families to the Natural World – Bird Conservancy of the Rockies (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: This grant will provide funding to support environmental education and programming through educational staff, volunteer coordination, and scholarships for program participants. Bird Conservancy of the Rockies is located at 14500 Lark Bunting Lane.
Grant Award: $250,000

Tennyson Complete & Connected Corridor – City of Arvada
Project Summary: This grant supports the construction of 1.4 miles of continuous bike lanes through the Tennyson corridor, while also adding sidewalks, trails, and pedestrian connections. These improvements will increase connectivity and access to numerous recreational amenities. The location of the project is along Tennyson from the Clear Creek Trail to W. 64th Ave., and W. 64th Ave. from Wolff St. to Tennyson St.
Grant Award: $1,647,265

Moorhead Park Teaching Garden – City of Aurora
Project Summary: This project will create an outdoor teaching garden in Moorhead Park to support programs on cooking healthy foods and nutrition offered by the recreation center. Construction of the project would include walls, a pathway, soil, irrigation, fencing, signage, and plants. Moorhead Park is located at 2391 Havana St.
Grant Award: $14,350

Parklane Pool Improvements Design – City of Aurora
Project Summary: This grant will help fund design and environmental assessment of the outdated Parklane Pool. The pool was built in 1962 and has had few updates since then. The design will determine what improvements are necessary as well as ensure that the facility is ADA accessible. The Parklane Pool is located at 13003 E. 30th Ave.
Grant Award: $75,000

Downtown Plaza Park, Phase I – City of Brighton
Project Summary: The City of Brighton is seeking funding support for their new Downtown Plaza Park. This project will create an iconic gateway into Brighton by including public art, and a flexible gathering space for events, play, and shade. Site amenities include a playground, trail, picnic shelters, event area, streetscapes, landscaping, restrooms, and lighting. Downtown Plaza Park is located at 5 S. Main St.
Grant Award: $550,000

Mini Grant: High School Seniors Beautification Project in Elmwood Cemetery – City of Brighton
Project Summary:  Volunteer high school seniors will plant trees in the southeast section and the cremation garden of Elmwood Cemetery. Elmwood Cemetery is located at 14800 Old Brighton Road.
Grant Award: $4,800

Eagle Pointe Recreation Center Aquatic Enhancements – City of Commerce City
Project Summary: This grant will provide funding support for replacement of the pool deck at the Commerce City Recreation Center. The primary components of the renovation are a 6,000 square-foot addition to include family locker rooms, a therapy pool, an expanded fitness area, improvements to the dance programming space, relocation of the steam room, improved restroom and locker room facilities, a new technology lab, new building entrance, and new community spaces. The Commerce City Recreation Center is located at 6060 E. Parkway Drive.
Grant Award: $250,804

Sand Creek Trail Connection – City of Commerce City
Project Summary: This project involves replacement of a temporary soft surface segment of the Sand Creek Trail. The trail segment will be relocated to its permanent alignment and made of concrete, which will reduce maintenance and allow for year-round use. The Sand Creek Trail is located at 3200 E. 64th Ave.
Grant Award: $115,000

Northwest Open Space Renovation – Construction Phase I- City of Northglenn
Project Summary: This project is the first phase of construction for improvements at the city’s largest athletic field complex, Northwest Open Space. Improvements include a permanent restroom facility, concession building, expansion of the northern and southern parking lots, replacement of the asphalt trails, relocation of the playground, picnic shelters, and landscaping and irrigation for improved drainage and field use. Northwest Open Space is located at 2100 W. 112th Drive.
Grant Award: $340,000

Big Dry Creek Master Plan & Floodplain Restoration Pilot Project – City of Thornton
Project Summary: This grant will fund floodplain restoration on a 25-acre open space area. The site has steep cut banks, extensive erosion, and channel migration off the property. The improvements will repair critical natural habitat by reconnecting the channel to its historic floodplain and build public awareness and support. The Big Dry Creek Open Space is located at 2025 E. 152nd Ave. 
Grant Award: $913,031

Mini Grant: Invasive Tree Removal at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge – Mile High Youth Corps (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: This project proposes to hire the Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC): Sawyer Crew to aid in the removal of the invasive Russian olive, and Siberian elm at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. This grant will help fund the use of the MHYC crew to cut the stumps and treat them with herbicide. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is located at 6550 Gateway Road.
Grant Award: $5,000

School Playground and Field Renovation – Ricardo Flores Magon Academy (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: This grant will fund infrastructure for the renovation to the playground and fields at the Ricardo Flores Magon Academy. Envisioned amenities include a new playground and play equipment, playground surfacing, a grass field, basketball court, soccer pitch, landscaping, and community garden beds. The Ricardo Flores Magon Academy is located at 5301 Lowell Blvd.
Grant Award: $362,503

Bennett Civic Center Park Access Road and Parking Lot Improvements – Town of Bennett
Project Summary: This project includes an access road and parking lot for the Civic Center Park to improve access and parking amenities to the recreational facilities. The Bennett Civic Center Park access road and parking lot improvements site is located at 455 S. 1st St.
Grant Award: $375,837.50

Parks, Trails, and Open Space Master Plan Update – Town of Bennett
Project Summary: This project includes funding for an updated master plan. An updated plan will provide recommendations for improvements to existing parks, the need for additional recreational opportunities, preservation of natural resources, and development of new trails. With a rapidly growing community, an updated plan will ensure the focus on future improvements addresses the community needs.
Grant Award: $40,000