Adams County Commissioners Award $5.9 Million in Open Space Grants

Funds were awarded for 17 projects across the county

Thanks to the voter-approved Open Space Sales Tax, the Adams County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) awarded $5.9 million in open space grants for 17 projects during the December 5, 2017 public hearing. Funding for this grant cycle came from revenues from the first half of 2017 of the Adams County Open Space Sales Tax, which was passed by Adams County voters in 1999.

The Open Space Advisory Board reviewed 21 grant applications this grant cycle, recommending that the Board of County Commissioners approve 15 of the projects for full funding and two projects for partial funding. Today, the Board of County Commissioners awarded 17 open space grants totaling $5,925,918.95.

“These grants help our cities and towns to renovate parks and improve existing trails while preserving open space and maintaining the quality of life in Adams County,” said BOCC Chair Eva J. Henry. “This grant cycle funding demonstrates the value we place on preserving and maintaining our public spaces as well as how we can work together on behalf of county residents.”

When the Open Space Sales Tax was presented to voters in 1999, the ballot question called for the creation of a citizen Open Space Advisory Board. This board recommends open space projects to the county commissioners for funding.  Grants are funded from 68 percent of the tax proceeds and are awarded twice a year.

The grant recipients are as follows:

Mini Grant: Twin Lakes Park Mile High Youth Corps Russian Olive Removal – Adams County
Project Summary: This project proposes to hire the Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) Sawyer Crew to aid in the removal of the invasive Russian Olive on open space; publicly-owned lands in Adams County. This grant will help fund the use of the MHYC for two weeks with a wood chipper. Twin Lakes Park is located at 200 W. 70th Ave.
Grant Award: $5,000

Riverdale Road Agricultural Heritage Preservation – Adams County
Project Summary: This project will fund the purchase of a conservation easement on the Littlefield Property, which is approximately 30 acres. The conservation easement will ensure preservation of the active farmland as well as some of the oldest water rights on the South Platte River. The property is located at 13850 Riverdale Rd.
Grant Award: $450,000

ADA Accessible Fishing Pier – Barr Lake State Park (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: Funding for this project will help construct an ADA-accessible fishing pier, which will be 100 ft. long and have a T-shape design. This will help create access for visitors of all ages and abilities, allowing them to experience fishing and wildlife viewing. Barr Lake State Park is located at 13401 Picadilly Rd.
Grant Award: $183,455.50

Welby Community School and Adventure Elementary Outdoor Learning Environments – Mapleton Public Schools (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: Mapleton Public Schools is seeking funding support for the design of two new outdoor learning and recreation environments. The outdoor learning environments will be located at Welby Community School and Adventure Elementary, providing the students and community the opportunity to observe nature, learn and play. Welby Community School is located at 1200 E. 78th Ave., and Adventure Elementary is located at 7700 Delta St.
Grant Award: $30,000

Carl Park ADA Trail Project – Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: This project includes construction of an ADA-accessible trail from the Hyland Hills Carl Park Community Center and extending 1,000 feet to a loop trail that will connect to the Adams County Clear Creek Trail. This trail link will provide improved access for the existing neighborhoods to recreational amenities, including the Clear Creek Trail network. The Carl Park Community Center is located at 5401 Meade St.
Grant Award: $340,000

Rod & Gun Club Loop Trail and Lower Derby Trailhead – Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: This project will build upon the extensive outdoor recreational opportunities available at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The project includes a new trailhead, two accessible concrete trails that will lead to viewing blinds, and a 1,080-foot soft surface trail loop at the Rod and Gun Club Viewing Blind. The Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is located at 6550 Gateway Road.
Grant Award: $100,000

Clear Creek Valley Soft Trails, Bridge, and More – Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by the City of Arvada)
Project Summary: This project will provide additional amenities at the Clear Creek Valley Park. Components include improved access to fishing, soft surface trails around the lakes, a pedestrian bridge, volleyball courts, a shade shelter, and two ADA-accessible fishing piers. Clear Creek Valley Park is located at 5900 Tennyson St.
Grant Award: $330,000

Moorhead Park Playground Renovation – City of Aurora
Project Summary: This project will help improve the playground at Moorhead Park. The improvements will include replacement of the playground equipment, surfacing, concrete curbing, landscaping, and site furnishings. Moorhead Park is located at 2391 Havana St.
Grant Award: $150,000

High Line Canal Trail Design- Colfax Ave. to 38th Ave. – City of Aurora
Project Summary: This project involves the design and engineering for the High Line Canal Trail from E. Colfax Ave. to E. 38th Ave. This trail segment is the longest remaining gap along the historic canal alignment.
Grant Award: $125,000

Aquatic Facility Restoration & Revitalization – Bennett Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by Town of Bennett)
Project Summary: This project includes funding for replacement of doors, resurfacing the main structural beam, and pool deck replacement. Repair of these items will improve the facility and safety for the community. Bennett Park & Recreation District is located at 455 S. 1st St.
Grant Award: $20,000

Mini Grant: Brighton Parks, Open Space, and Trails Map – City of Brighton
Project Summary: This project will help create an updated map for City of Brighton residents. City of Brighton plans to produce 5,000 copies to distribute throughout the community and will identify the trails, parks, recreational facilities, and open space available within the city. The map will focus on the entire City of Brighton.
Grant Award: $3,270

BJAA Park Improvements Project – City of Brighton
Project Summary: This project includes improvements at Brighton Japanese American Association (BJAA) Park. Following a master plan process for the park, the planned improvements include replacement of the irrigation system, better drainage, soil preparation, paving, edging, site furnishings, an upgraded restroom facility, a new playground, additional shelters, additional landscaping, and a memorial to honor the local Japanese-American history. The BJAA Park is located at 1220 Longs Peak St.
Grant Award: $660,000

Eagle Creek Park and Playground Improvements – Eagle Creek Metropolitan District (Sponsored by the City of Commerce City)
Project Summary: This project will provide funding to update the Eagle Creek Park and playground. Improvements include a new play structure, poured-in-place surfacing, a 7-foot climbing boulder, benches, and a bike rack. Eagle Creek Park is located at 10975 E. 96th Ave.
Grant Award: $74,113.75

Northwest Open Space Renovation- Construction Phase I – City of Northglenn
Project Summary: This project is the first phase of construction for improvements at the city’s largest athletic field complex, Northwest Open Space. Improvements include a permanent restroom facility, concession building, expansion of the northern and southern parking lots, replacement of the asphalt trails, relocating the playground, picnic shelters, and landscaping and irrigation for improved drainage and field use. Northwest Open Space is located at 2100 W. 112th Dr.
Grant Award: $1,700,000

Mini Grant: Big Dry Creek Russian Olive Tree Removal – City of Thornton
Project Summary:  The purpose of this project is to hire the Mile High Youth Corps (MHYC) Sawyer Crew for one week to aid in the removal of Russian Olive Trees in open space areas along Big Dry Creek between 144th Ave. and Highway 7. MHYC will remove the trees with chainsaws and treat the stumps with herbicide to prevent re-growth.
Grant Award: $5,000

Thornton Community Trails & Connections – City of Thornton
Project Summary: This grant supports construction of multi-purpose trails, missing link connections, trail lighting, and wayfinding signage throughout the city. The project includes a pedestrian activated signal crossing, approximately 2.5 miles of new and improved trail, over 1.5 miles of trail lighting and installation of signage to improve navigation for trail users along primary network corridors. The location of the project is throughout the City of Thornton in existing parks, open space, and trails.
Grant Award: $1,420,526

Big Dry Creek Trail Upgrade Phase 2 – City of Westminster
Project Summary: This project will provide funding to support trail improvements along the Big Dry Creek Trail. Improvements include replacing 8-foot wide crusher fine trails with 10-foot wide concrete alongside a 4-foot soft surface for a total of 1.7 miles between 120th Ave. and 128th Ave. and 128th Ave. to Huron St. New wayfinding along the trail will also improve accessibility and the user experience.
Grant Award: $329,553.70