Adams County Commissioners Award $6.3 Million in Open Space Grants

Open Space Grants

Funds were awarded for 16 projects across the county

As a result of the voter-approved Open Space Sales Tax, the Adams County Board of Commissioners (BOCC) awarded $6.3 million in open space grants for 16 projects during today’s public hearing. Funding for this grant cycle came from revenues from the second half of the 2016 Adams County Open Space Sales Tax, which was passed by Adams County voters in 1999.

The Open Space Advisory Board reviewed 17 grant applications this grant cycle, recommending the BOCC approve 12 of the projects for full funding and four projects for partial funding. Today, the BOCC awarded 16 open space grants totaling $6,340,683.45.

“Adams County prides itself on these investments that help strengthen and grow our community,” said Eva J. Henry, BOCC chair. “The grants presented today will help improve local parks, provide additional recreational opportunities at schools, as well as build a baseball field complex.” 

When the Open Space Sales Tax was presented to voters in 1999, the ballot question called for the creation of a Open Space Advisory Board. This board recommends open space projects to the BOCC for funding.  Grants are funded from 68 percent of the tax proceeds and are awarded twice a year.

Below are the grant recipients and details of their grant awards.

Mini Grant: Park, Trail, and Open Space Map Update – City of Thornton
Project Summary: This project will help fund an update to the Guide to Parks, Open Space and Trails map for the City of Thornton. The current guide has not been updated since September 2013, and therefore, there are several new open space parcels, trail connections and extensions, RTD FasTrack stations, and public parks to identify. The map will focus on the entire City of Thornton.   
Grant Award: $2,500 

Mini Grant: Clear Creek Valley Park Fishing/Habitat Improvement Project – Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by City of Federal Heights)
Project Summary: This project includes funding in order to stock the two ponds with fish as additional food sources for bass consumption and adult fish species for breeding and harvesting. The project also includes underwater artificial fish habitat structures and educational signage along the shoreline. Clear Creek Valley Park is located at 5900 Tennyson St. 
Grant Award: $5,000 

Mini Grant: Lake Appreciation Day 2017 – Barr Lake State Park (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: The purpose of this project is to bring public awareness to water quality and land management issues through the participation of 250 volunteers performing shoreline cleanup, eradicating noxious weeds, and staining boardwalks. The event is followed by lunch and educational activities for the volunteers. Barr Lake State Park is located at 13401 Piccadilly Rd.   
Grant Award: $3,325 

Mini Grant: Signage & Wayfinding Program – Adams County
Project Summary: This project will help fund the design, purchase and installation of directional signage and other wayfinding facilities throughout the regional trails of Adams County. The signage will be placed throughout the county along the regional trail system. 
Grant Award: $5,000 

Dehumidification Revival – Bennett Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by Town of Bennett)
Project Summary: This project includes the replacement of the dehumidifier in the aquatic facility. The current HVAC dehumidifier has failed and must be replaced in a timely manner, so that the humidity does not cause additional damage to the facility. Bennett Park & Recreation District is located at 455 South 1st St. 
Grant Award: $180,000

Park Property Acquisition – City of Northglenn
Project Summary: The City of Northglenn plans to acquire 3.43 acres for the rare opportunity to expand their park system. The new park will serve the adjacent neighborhood with an active-use space, and enhance the city’s future justice center campus with an additional public amenity. The parcel is located at 421 W. 112th Ave. 
Grant Award: $252,000         

Norfolk Glen Park Renovation – City of Aurora 
Project Summary:  This project includes renovations to the Norfolk Glen Park located along the High Line Canal trail. Improvements include ADA accessibility, a new playground, new concrete paths, site furnishings, landscape improvements, updates to the irrigation system and park signage. Norfolk Glen Park is located at 15800 E. 17th Pl.
Grant Award: $150,000

Twin Lakes Park Renovation – Adams County
Project Summary: This project includes renovations to Twin Lakes Park. Improvements include repairs to the banks of the lake, new trails, irrigation system, picnic shelters, drainage improvements, and replacement of the playground. Twin Lakes Park is located at 200 W. 70th Ave. 
Grant Award: $925,000

Outdoor Aquatics Improvements – City of Northglenn
Project Summary: The City of Northglenn is requesting funding for the renovation of the Kiwanis outdoor pool and bath house. The project includes replacement of the bath house, improvements to the site amenities and the addition of a splash pad. The Kiwanis pool is located at 550 Garland St. 
Grant Award: $800,000         

Riverdale Baseball Field Complex Phase I – City of Thornton
Project Summary: The City of Thornton is seeking funding for the first phase of construction at the Riverdale Baseball Field Complex to include four lighted baseball fields, parking, and a large playground. The grant elements of this phase are the trails, a trail connection to the South Platte River Trail, lighting, shade shelters, gathering plaza, irrigation, restrooms, and native landscaping. The Riverdale Baseball Field Complex is located at 9830 Riverdale Rd. 
Grant Award: $2,133,589.45 

Clear Creek Valley Park Phase II – Passive – Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District (Sponsored by City of Arvada)
Project Summary:  This project includes funding for construction and landscaping on the east side of Clear Creek Valley Park. The project will include demolition of old structures, site grading, parking lot and infrastructure construction, irrigation and landscaping improvements, additional sidewalks, and a pedestrian bridge.  Clear Creek Valley Park is located at 5900 Tennyson St. 
Grant Award: $954,369

Veterans Memorial Park Master Plan – City of Commerce City
Project Summary: This project will create a master plan for the Veterans Memorial Park, which was built in 1971. Since then, a recreation center was added in 1988, the Veterans Memorial was added in 1988, and three adjacent properties have been acquired to expand the park site. Veterans Memorial Park is located at 6015 Forest Dr. 
Grant Award: $50,000

Bennett Elementary Pre-K to First Grade School Playground Renovation Project – Bennett School District (Sponsored by Town of Bennett)
Project Summary: This project includes renovations to the Bennett Elementary Pre-K to First Grade elementary school playground, in order to address accessibility and safety concerns. The scope includes mobilization, demolition, grading, paving, striping, drainage, playground curbing, rubber surfacing, asphalt, new playground structures, shade structure, landscaping, field reseeding, a gateway structure, outdoor classroom, site furnishings, and irrigation. Bennett Elementary School is located at 462 8th St. 
Grant Award: $299,400         

Brighton Park Destination Playgrounds – City of Brighton
Project Summary: This project includes renovations to the two playgrounds located within Brighton Park. The play structures are 24 years old and do not meet current accessibility and safety guidelines. The project includes design and construction of the climbing apparatus, swings, slides, tunnels, shade structure, ramps, and a rubberized surface. Brighton Park is located at 555 N. 11th Ave. 
Grant Award: $363,000         

Outdoor Community Space at Stargate Charter School – Stargate Charter School (Sponsored by Adams County)
Project Summary: This project includes an outdoor community space at the Stargate Charter School. Improvements include a nature trail with exercise stations and public art space, a greenhouse for use by the school and community, and property amenities such as benches, picnic tables, and bike racks. Stargate Charter School is located at 14530 Washington St. 
Grant Award: $137,500

Trupp Park Phase III – Skate & Bike Park, Town of Bennett
Project Summary: This grant request is for the restoration and expansion of the skate park at Trupp Park. Constructed in 2007, the skate park amenities have deteriorated and become unsafe for users. The project includes the removal of two concrete features and rails, repairs to the existing skate bowl, expansion of the concrete ramp leading to the skate bowl, three new steel fastener free riding surfaces, and the installation of a bicycle playground. Trupp Park is located at 105 W. Palmer St.
Grant Award: $80,000