Adams County Commissioners Demand Reinstatement of Bus Route 520 Stop at the Adams County Justice Center

The Adams County Commissioners, along with other county officials, are demanding the Regional Transportation District (RTD) fully reinstate bus route 520, which serves the Adams County Justice Center, Adams County Government Center, Platte Valley Medical Center, and many other destinations and connections in the Brighton area.

RTD canceled the bus route during the pandemic, along with several other underutilized bus lines during that time. Since the reopening of most government offices and businesses, many bus routes have been reinstated by RTD. To date, route 520 has not been fully reinstated, to include service to the Adams County Justice Center, which previously was part of the 520 route. Without service directly to the Justice Center, the closest stops will force residents to walk nearly a mile round trip to access the Justice Center.

Jury trials have resumed, and the Adams County Justice Center is working to expedite trials for 700 felony cases backlogged due to the pandemic. Additional courtrooms, staffing, and hours are being added to help with the backlog of cases. Lack of access to public transit for defendants, victims, advocates, and staff will restrict the ability to increase the quantity of cases heard.

“RTD’s decision to no longer provide services to the Justice Center is unacceptable,” said Eva J. Henry, Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair. “Not having this stop at the Justice Center has significant impacts for our residents who need reliable transportation to this location. Asking our residents to travel a mile round trip if you have mobility issues is concerning, especially for residents required to uphold their civic duty to participate in a jury trial.”

In addition to significantly impacting the criminal justice system and access to county government for residents, it also restricts the ability to connect to other routes and destinations.

“It is critical that our citizens have direct access to the Adams County Justice Center through a safe and reliable form of transportation,” said 17th Judicial District Attorney Brian Mason. “I am asking RTD to immediately reinstate Route 520 to provide jurors, defendants, victims, and advocates direct public transit access to our criminal justice system.”

The Adams County Commissioners, along with District Attorney Mason, Chief Judge Don Quick, and public defenders of the 17th Judicial District, have sent a letter to RTD insisting route 520 be fully reinstated immediately. View the letter here.