Adams County Foster Families Become Forever Families on National Adoption Day

National Adoption Day

Today, 13 children in Adams County welcomed a new start on National Adoption Day. A special celebration took place at the Adams County Justice Center, 1100 Judicial Center Dr., Brighton.

The Board of County Commissioners, Human Services Department, and the 17th Judicial District hosted the adoptive families. Adams County projects a total of 120 adoptions will be finalized by the end of the year.

National Adoption Day is all about bringing awareness to the community that there’s a need. There are children who have been lingering in foster care, and they deserve forever families,” said Katie McDougal, Human Services Director. “Even though they don’t need the official piece of paper to know they’re a family, seeing the joy this day brings to make it official and permanent is incredible for everyone.”

National Adoption Day exists to draw special attention to the 113,000-plus children in foster care waiting for permanent and loving families. From its inception in 2000, this annual, one-day event has celebrated more than 75,000 adoptions.

Approximately two million children are adopted, and roughly 150,000 adoptions happen each year in the United States. This includes 50,000 adoptions through the foster-care system. On average, children are in the foster-care system three years before being adopted, and more than 20,000 children age out of the system annually without a family or permanent home.

As the adoptive community in Adams County continues to grow, families can learn more about fostering and adopting by visiting