Adams County Motor Vehicle Offices Closing Thursday, Nov. 19

Due to increased numbers of COVID-19, Adams County Motor Vehicle offices have been directly impacted and will close on Thursday, Nov. 19, until further notice. The offices will be unable to process transactions over the phone, via mail, or in-person during this time.

Online services will continue to be available. More information and links to specific transactions can be found at Residents who need to renew their registration can do so at any renewal kiosk, located in King Soopers across the county. More information and kiosk locations can be found at

“This is an important step for us to take to ensure the health and safety of our Motor Vehicle employees and our residents,” says Josh Zygielbaum, Adams County Clerk & Recorder. “We appreciate the patience and understanding of our customers during this nationwide pandemic and public health crisis.”

Zygielbaum is working closely with Adams County Sheriff Rick Reigenborn and local law enforcement during this closure. Residents who are unable to renew registrations, register new vehicles, get new plates, or complete any necessary transaction will be provided a letter they can print and keep in their vehicles.

The letter requests leniency from law enforcement but does not guarantee a ticket will not be issued. Enforcement and ticketing are at the sole discretion of the officer.

Residents who have appointments scheduled during this closure will be contacted, signs announcing the closure will be posted on entrances to each Motor Vehicle office, and announcements will be posted on the Adams County Clerk & Recorder webpages and social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and NextDoor (public agencies).