Adams County Partners with OpenGov to Increase Effectiveness and Accountability

Adams County has partnered with OpenGov, the leader in government performance management, to further increase its effectiveness and accountability with the county budget. The county’s OpenGov portal is now live and includes budget data from the past few years.

“County leadership places a high value on transparency, and our partnership with OpenGov will enhance that,” said Board of County Commissioners chair Mary Hodge. “Our residents deserve to know where and how their money is being spent and as a county, we are committed to being accountable for every last cent.”

The OpenGov Cloud™ is an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution for budgeting, operational performance, and citizen engagement. It is powered by CKAN, the open-source standard the U.S. federal government, European Union, and hundreds of other agencies around the world use for open data.

“Our open data portal is a win-win for Adams County and the community,” said OpenGov CEO Zac Bookman. “On average, governments receive 20 percent fewer requests for information after they launch their OpenGov open data portals. That means residents are getting the information they need, and it saves time and energy that can be spent elsewhere.”

Adams County is using OpenGov’s open data portal to give county government officials access to its data sets to make more informed decisions. The county is also using the portal to share data with the community.

“Our new OpenGov portal will allow our residents to understand how their tax dollars are invested and is an easy way to become more engaged with their county government,” said County Manager Raymond H. Gonzales.
Adams County joins over 1,700 city, county, and state government agencies, special districts, and schools that rely on OpenGov.