Air Quality Concerns from EVRAZ Recycling Fire

Statement from Dr. Larry Wolk, chief medical officer and executive director, at the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, regarding the recycling plant fire:

“The plume and fumes from a fire like this would be harmful if directly breathed. If fires with noxious and potentially toxic fumes burned longer term, there would be more concern, similar to longer term emissions like we experience on high ozone days. We have stationary monitors in the area to alert us to longer term issues which would necessitate health warnings but as expected, nothing was triggered given the relatively short duration of this particular fire. Therefore, it's possible that folks in direct proximity to the smoke plume may have experienced short term respiratory irritation but there is little concern for long term health effects based on the information that we have right now.”

If you are experiencing health issues or have further quesitons, please call COHELP at 1.877.462.2911 or 303.389.1687.