Board of County Commissioners Adopts 2021 Budget

The Board of County Commissioners unanimously adopted the 2021 Adams County budget at public hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 15. The 2021 budget is set at $574,484,273, a slight increase from 2020.

“We are fortunate to be on solid financial ground as COVID-19 continues to affect our community,” said County Manager Raymond H. Gonzales. “Although the pandemic is a factor in our budget, it is not stopping Adams County from planning and executing projects based on our goals for 2021. With proper management and planning, we were able to present a budget with no proposed layoffs or furloughs.”

When setting its priorities for the 2021 budget, the Board of County Commissioners used five main criteria: education and economic prosperity, a high-performing and fiscally sustainable government, quality of life, safe and reliable infrastructure, and community enrichment.

Some specific projects and costs in the 2021 budget include:

  • Renovation of the Coroner’s facility – $4 million
  • Construction of a new facility for the Fleet and Public Works departments – $9.5 million
  • Design of a multi-use arena at Riverdale Regional Park – $1.5 million
  • Installation of a new irrigation system at the Dunes Golf Course – $3 million
  • New and replacement Fleet vehicles and equipment – $2.9 million

“As we planned for another unusual year, the board kept the county mission to responsibly serve our community with integrity and innovation at the forefront of the budget process,” said Emma Pinter, Board of County Commissioners Chair. “From renovation and construction of facilities to make sure our vital services are available to the start of a new arena at the regional park and everything in between, we are poised to make good on that promise in 2021.”

Based on these board priorities, the Budget Department, headed by Director Nancy Duncan, worked with Gonzales and his staff to plan and prepare the proposed 2021 budget with input from all elected officials and department directors. The 2021 adopted budget is available for review at

The mission of the Budget Department is to develop a financial plan that ensures the health, safety, and welfare of county residents. Adams County is committed to adopting a budget that facilitates the orderly and efficient delivery of county government services, as directed by the Local Government Budget Law of Colorado, other governmental mandates, policy directives developed by the Board of County Commissioners, and resident feedback.