Colorado’s First-Ever Local Government Hispanic Network Chapter Launches

Adams County Hosts Kickoff and First Networking Event

Juntos Colorado, the first Local Government Hispanic Network (LGHN) chapter in Colorado, launched and hosted its first networking event on Thursday as the state brings National Hispanic Heritage Month to a close. Adams County Manager Noel Bernal was the keynote speaker and serves as a director at large for the National Board of LGHN. 

 “In Adams County, I have had the opportunity to see leadership in many forms. The most impactful are the hardworking, everyday heroes that make a difference in their communities. LGHN celebrates this type of leadership and brings to life the contributions Colorado Latinos are making to invigorate our communities, culture, and economy through public service,” said Bernal.

 LGHN will explore a leadership model to maximize the role of Latinos and Hispanics in Colorado’s future growth and prosperity.

 “As the first Hispanic woman elected in Adams County, I am proud to see this chapter launch in my lifetime. LGHN offers a model for future leadership that draws on our strengths and leverages our enormous potential,” said Commissioner Lynn Baca, chair. “Our community is also part of the fabric of Colorado – and our culture underpins the American Dream that continues to make our state a place to thrive, now and in the future.”

As part of their mission to support Latinx and Hispanic communities, LGHN will also support organizations that are providing relief to Puerto Rico as they recover from the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona.