County Upgrades E-Permit Center with More User-Friendly Interface

The Adams County Community & Economic Development Department upgraded its E-Permit Center website over the past weekend.

The website now offers a new and more user-friendly interface for applicants, including a wizard to walk applicants through the processes such as applying for the correct type of permit or land use case, scheduling an inspection, or registering contractors for a new account. Applicants who prefer to not use the new wizard may opt out at any time and apply without it.

In addition, a new mapping feature is available to identify the exact address for a permit or land use case. This mapping software will notify the applicant if they are trying to apply for a permit or case located outside unincorporated Adams County so they can stop and move forward with the correct process in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Applicants who have active permits in for review do not have to take any action. These permits are still moving through the usual approval process.

Visit the improved site at and click on Step 2: Apply for Permits. If you have any questions about the new site, please email [email protected].