Design a New “I Voted” Sticker for the Elections Department

The Adams County Elections Department would like to have new, custom “I Voted” stickers for the upcoming 2022 elections and is seeking talented Adams County residents and students to design them.

“For the past two years, Adams County has had the most unique ‘I Voted’ stickers in the state thanks to this contest, and we plan to continue that tradition,” says Adams County Clerk & Recorder Josh Zygielbaum. “This year, we’re excited to open the contest up to adults as well as students. This is a great opportunity to involve the community in the elections process, and my office always looks forward to seeing the incredible designs that are submitted.”

Entrants can submit hand-drawn or digital artwork now through Friday, Feb. 4. Prizes will be awarded to the winner(s). More information on contest rules, considerations, instructions for entering, and prizes are available at

After the entry deadline, there will be a short, public voting period. More details on this voting period will be available on the Clerk & Recorder’s Facebook and Twitter pages in early February.

Contest Rules

  • Entrants must keep their original artwork and/or design files.
  • Submissions must be the correct shape/size (or able to scale down to the correct size)—a two-inch circle.
  • Designs must say “I Voted” or “I Voted in Adams County.”
  • Submissions must be non-partisan.
  • Entrants should consider elements representative of Adams County, elections, or patriotism.
  • Entrants and/or parents must be willing to allow us to use the artwork for upcoming elections.
  • The contest is open to Adams County students who either live in or go to school in the county, as well as adults who live in the county. Students who have a parent(s) who work for the county are also eligible to participate.
  • Entrants must fill out and sign the submission form (must be signed by a parent or guardian if the entrant is under 18).
  • Submissions must include a short description of the design, as well as information on the inspiration for the design.

There is also a Spanish category. All the rules above apply, but the text on the sticker must be in Spanish. The winning design(s) of this category will be available at all Voter Service and Polling Centers (VSPCs) during the 2022 elections.

View the winning designs and honorable mentions from the 2019 contest and the winning design for the 2021 Coordinated Election.