Elected Officials and Judges Sworn in at Inauguration

Adams County marked the commencement of new terms for seven elected officials and six judges in an Inauguration Ceremony on Tuesday, Jan. 10, at Riverdale Regional Park. Residents, employees, and family and friends filled the Waymire Dome to watch the proceedings.

“This past year marked the 120th anniversary residents voted to approve the creation of Adams County. Since that time, historic strides have been made. We have grown to a county of over 520,000 residents and have been recognized as a majority-minority county after the last census cycle,” said Board of County Commissioners Chair Lynn Baca. “Today is also an historic and momentous occasion as we come together to recognize and support the individuals who have been elected to lead and serve our county. With the deepest gratitude, thank you to all of our elected officials for answering the call to public service, to be a collaborator, an ambassador, but most importantly, to do the work of this great county we call home.”

The following elected officials took the oath of office to begin new four-year terms:

  • Emma Pinter, County Commissioner District 3
  • Steve O’Dorisio, County Commissioner District 4
  • Ken Musso, Assessor
  • Josh Zygielbaum, Clerk and Recorder
  • Monica Broncucia-Jordan, Coroner
  • Gene Claps, Sheriff
  • Alex Villagran, Treasurer

Claps and Villagran were newly elected, and Pinter, O’Dorisio, Musso, Zygielbaum, and Broncucia-Jordan were re-elected.

The following judges also took the oath of office:

  • Emily C. Lieberman
  • Rayna Gokli McIntyre
  • Patrick H. Pugh
  • Kyle Seedorf
  • Jeffrey Smith
  • MaryAnn “Mariana” Vielma