Homes for Hope Open in Adams County

Newly renovated homes to provide emergency foster care for children

Today Homes for Hope officially opened to provide emergency foster care for children in Adams County ages 0-18 for up to 30 days while alternative kinship home, foster home, or return to parent(s) options are explored. Two single-family homes have been renovated and will be utilized as part of this short-term placement program to improve foster and kinship care in Adams County.

“Homes for Hope will help us keep children in their home community, near extended family and kinship resources, and in their home schools to assure more support,” said Mary Hodge, Adams County Board of Commissioners Chair. “This program is the first of its kind in the country and we hope it serves as a model to support children and families in all communities.”

Approximately 8-10 children will be served at any time within the two residences. While Adams County will prioritize placement of children ages 0-10, the foster homes will be licensed to serve youth up to age 18 to support the priority of keeping sibling groups together during emergency placement. Teen moms placed into foster care with infants will be able to stay at the homes until an alternative long-term option is found. Host families selected by the Child Protection Agency will live in the homes to care for the children placed in the homes.

Adams County acquired the two homes with funding from an Open Space Grant from Great Outdoors Colorado Trust Fund and an Adams County Open Space Grant. The Board of County Commissioners approved $675,000 for the home renovations, which started in May 2018. Providing these two Homes for Hope for foster children in Adams County is estimated to save the county $155,000 per year in foster care placement costs, while enriching the lives of Adams County foster children.

“Being able to provide rapid engagement and organized transitioning is critical for these children,” said County Manager Raymond H. Gonzales. “This in-county resource will save caseworkers time and save the county travel costs for emergency transfers outside the county.”

Adams County is actively recruiting for foster parents to support children in the community. To learn more about the foster care program, please visit