Human Services Director Named

Adams County Manager Raymond Gonzales announced today the hiring of Katie Griego as the county’s new Director of Human Services. Griego will join the team on Monday, Aug. 19. This position provides critical leadership and oversight to a large department that includes many multi-disciplinary teams.

“I’m excited we’ve finalized our hiring process and Katie has accepted this essential position,” says Gonzales. “Katie will bring passion, fun, and innovation to this important role and will continue to build on our culture of appreciation, reliability, and recognition. She will provide a unique perspective as the Director of Human Services.”

A graduate of Midland Lutheran University, Griego previously served as the Director of Employment and Benefits Division with the State of Colorado. Under her leadership, employee and customer experiences were improved by transforming public assistance programs.

Her experience in Human Services comes from the state level and with Arapahoe and Jefferson counties. Griego is excited to join the county next week.