Ian Cortez Named Adams County Employee of All Seasons

The Adams County Board of Commissioners announced Ian Cortez as the 2019 Adams County Employee of All Seasons winner.

“While we couldn’t celebrate Ian in our usual fashion at the recognition luncheon this year, his hard work, dedication, and positive attitude does not go unnoticed,” said County Manager Raymond H. Gonzales. “Ian embodies the Adams County vision, values, and cultural norms, and we couldn’t be prouder to honor him with this recognition.”

Cortez began his career in the Public Works Department in 2013 and was promoted to Right-of-Way Supervisor in 2016. As part of the county’s recognition program, Cortez was nominated and chosen as the Fall Employee of the Season category winner in the Unsung Hero category, which honors individuals for performing high-quality, reliable, and critical work that, if not completed, would compromise operations. This person functions “behind the scenes,” is willing to improve work situations, and does so without fanfare or being prompted.

His nomination read: “Right-of-Way is a complex subject, and a key component for Public Works to keep up with our growing communities. Ian’s job and responsibilities affect designs, schedules, and construction. He came with me to a meeting that was going to be a hard discussion from the start. He led the conversation with elegance, professionalism, transparency, credibility, and excellence. He showed the Adams County values in a tough situation. His efforts paid off within an hour, as the resident called him to thank him and apologized for his harsh words during the conversation. I wanted to honor his commitment on being a public servant leader and being such a positive team member to Public Works. Without Ian, no new roads would be built.”

Adams County currently has approximately 2,200 employees who serve more than 500,000 residents. To become the Employee of All Seasons, employees are nominated and voted on by their coworkers, the Employee of the Season Committee, and Adams County residents.