Information Technology Employee Earns Annual Award

The Adams County Board of Commissioners announced Hung Pham as the 2016 Adams County Employee of All Seasons at the Employee Recognition Luncheon on Feb. 23, 2017.

Hung began his career at Adams County on March 16, 1998, as systems administrator III in the Information Technology Department. As part of the county’s employee recognition program, Hung was nominated and chosen as the 2016 Summer Employee of the Season in the Unsung Hero category. His nomination read, “It’s 4 p.m., you've worked for weeks on this report but in a fraction of an instant, it's gone, deleted or lost to a cryptic error message. "No, no, no..." you tell yourself as the panic sets in - will you be able to deliver this crucial information to your department at tomorrow's staff meeting? Holding your breath, you dial the help desk's number, explain what happened and then listen to the reply while clutching the handset. "Okay then, we’ll restore the latest copy from backup.” You quickly exhale and hang up the phone as your heart settles. Your everyday hero receives the request from the help desk, finds the data that contains your hard work, even if it means going off-site to search through shelves after shelves of old backup tapes. If it was saved on a server, he'll find it for you no matter who you are or what you do. Another critical job of his is to expand our servers to make sure our never-ending needs never outgrow them. To minimize downtime for all of us, he often works long hours. His reliability and always cheerful disposition makes it easy to overlook the importance of his tasks. Few know him, but all owe him, that's why he's our perfect unsung hero.”

Hung is a devoted, talented and exceptional Adams County employee.  He was acknowledged for his hard work, dedication and commitment to the county and its citizens.

Adams County currently has approximately 1,800 employees who serve the county’s 450,000 residents. To become Employee of All Seasons, employees are nominated and voted on by their coworkers, the Employee of the Season Committee, and Adams County citizens.

The Employee Recognition Luncheon is an annual event to recognize employees who have reached a milestone year with the county, employees with more than 20 years of service and the Employee of the Season award recipients.