LGBTQ+ Memorial Being Placed at Government Center to Remember Victims  

Board of County Commissioners Looks to Honor Victims with Action to End Gun Violence

This weekend, a horrifying act of mass murder at the Club Q nightclub stole away five lives, injured more than 25 others, and left countless loved ones shattered. As a memorial of those who lost their lives during the Colorado Springs terror attack on Sunday, Nov. 20, the county will be coordinating efforts to demonstrate actions in support of the LGBTQ+ community. One of these will be the county placing five LGBTQ+ flags in front of Government Center within the week. As more information is released, under each flag it will display the name, age, and photo of every victim of the terror attack. 

Adams will also continue to honor and celebrate the lives of these individuals who are and will always be part of pride flags that are waved at respective celebrations, parades, and gatherings. 

“The memory of this horrific tragedy will never be forgotten, as well as the legacies of each of the victims,” said Commissioner Lynn Baca, chair. "While we can never completely heal from the pain of such loss, this memorial will be a meaningful way to remember and honor their lives – and show our support to the LGBTQ+ community across Colorado.” 

This event unfolded as LGBTQ+ communities and allies around the world prepared to mark the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Sunday, Nov. 20, an annual observance to honor victims of transphobic violence. 

“We must work tirelessly until we are able to live in a world that is safer for all. Our hearts are in Colorado Springs right now, but our collective actions are needed from every community across the state and country,” said Commissioner Eva J. Henry, vice chair. 

Adams County also acknowledges gun violence’s particular impact on LGBTQ+ communities across the state and country. 

“Whether you are a resident, employee, or friends and family of the LGBTQ+ community, we want you to know these atrocities can often make a person feel helpless or like hope is lost. It is not,” said Commissioner Chaz Tedesco. “We must work tirelessly until we are able to live in a world that is safer for all.” 

Adams County will work to uplift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community and begin discussions around policies reducing gun violence and advance issues that improves the quality of life for every resident in the county. 

“I know there is a future where LGBTQ+ Coloradans feel safe to celebrate and live authentically in public and do not wear a target on their back,” said Commissioner Emma Pinter. “This hateful attack on a safe space once again makes imperative there is more we must all do to address the public health epidemic of gun violence, to build policies that are LGBTQ+ affirming, and, in general, do better.” said Pinter. 

“This horrific shooting devastates our feelings of safety in places we gather. But it also strengthens our solidarity for Colorado’s LGBTQ+ community and victims of violent crime everywhere. We mourn the victims, thank the first responders, and further resolve to disarm hate and violence,” said Commissioner Steve O’Dorisio. “We will keep working to honor them with action.” 

Adams County extends its deepest condolences to the community members in Colorado Springs and to everyone who has been impacted by gun violence and this tragedy. There are many amazing resources to help the healing process begin: 

Those include the National Victims of Violent Crimes hotline, 1.202.467.8700; Colorado Crisis Services, 1.844.493.TALK (8225); Crisis Text Line, text HOME to 741-741; Trevor Project, text START to 678-678; Center at Colfax; TransLifeline, 877.565.8860; Inside Out Youth Services, 719.328.1056; and many more.  

Today, Nov. 22, the Board of County Commissioners will reaffirm these commitments at public hearing at 9:30 a.m. located at the Adams County Government Center, 4430 S. Adams County Pkwy., Brighton.