More Than $1 Million in Scholarships Awarded to County Students

Sixty-four Adams County high school students were awarded scholarships totaling more than $1 million on Wednesday, May 24, through the Adams County Scholarship Fund. Adams County Commissioners introduced the Scholarship Fund in 2016 in partnership with the Colorado Department of Higher Education's Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative.

“It is our great pleasure to see these well-deserving students receive scholarships that will enable them to continue their educations,” said Eva J. Henry, Board of Commissioners chair. “These scholarships will allow these students to continue their academic excellence and alleviate some of the worries of paying for college.”

The scholarships were funded with the voter-approved three percent sales tax on retail marijuana sales in the county. In addition, the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative matched the sales tax funds to increase the scholarship pool.

High-achieving students enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program were eligible to apply for one of the scholarships.

The Board of Commissioners identified Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) as the fiscal agent for the Adams County Scholarship Fund. ACEC works directly with county school districts or school district foundations. Those include Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams 14 Education Foundation, School District 27J Education Foundation, Mapleton District 1 Education Foundation, Westminster District 50 Education Foundation, Strasburg School District 31J, and Bennett School District 29J.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Niama Al-Nima, $21,150 scholarship
Savannah Babish, $21,150 scholarship
Fernanda Borunda Juarez, $21,150 scholarship
Andrea B. Carreon Loya, $21,150 scholarship
Erik Chongtoua, $21,150 scholarship
Rachel Dunbar, $21,150 scholarship
Adilene Garcia Aniles, $21,150 scholarship
Elissa Garduno, $21,150 scholarship
Brittney Geurink, $21,150 scholarship
Kelsey Goldsberry, $21,150 scholarship
Anela Gomez, $21,150 scholarship
Guadalupe Gutierrez Miranda, $21,150 scholarship
Jovan Jaramillo, $21,150 scholarship
Angelique N. Johnson, $21,150 scholarship
April Jacqueline LeBaron, $21,150 scholarship
Megan Murray, $21,150 scholarship
Rafael Orozco Leon, $21,150 scholarship
Megan Passmore, $21,150 scholarship
Guadalupe Rodriguez Estrada, $21,150 scholarship
Jiselle Ye, $21,150 scholarship
Jack Zeidlik, $21,150 scholarship

Adams County School District 14
Elena Barrientos, $5,000 scholarship
Gisselle Cervantes, $10,364 scholarship
Amindra Estrada, $10,364 scholarship
Ofe Fonseca, $10,364 scholarship
Luis Garcia, $10,364 scholarship
Audrey Gomez, $5,000 scholarship
Oscar Hernandez, $10,364 scholarship
Alexandra Palma, $10,364 scholarship
Daniel Parra, $4,000 scholarship
Kayla Prieto, $10,364 scholarship
Briaunna Pryer, $10,364 scholarship
Angel Salazar, $10,364 scholarship
Cynthia Sanchez, $10,364 scholarship
Alejandra Serna, $10,364 scholarship

Bennett School District 29J
Adrian Camacho, $8,000 scholarship

Mapleton Public Schools
Carlos Cano, $10,000 scholarship
Cassandra Cittadino, $20,000 scholarship
Pedro Gomez Villalobos, $10,000 scholarship
Tessa Harris, $10,000 scholarship
Gary Lara, $10,000 scholarship
Emerald Rawls, $20,000 scholarship
Isaai Urbina, $10,000 scholarship
Eden Vang, $10,442 scholarship
Daniela Villalobos Payan, $10,000 scholarship

School District 27J
Paola Andujar, $15,000 scholarship
Ezekiel Arias, $15,000 scholarship
Gisell Chavez, $15,000 scholarship
Mackenzie Larson, $15,000 scholarship
Nicholas Maldanado, $15,000 scholarship
Denise Ocampo, $15,000 scholarship
Cayley Olsen, $15,000 scholarship
Sergio Palomino, $15,000 scholarship
Betsabet Samarripa, $15,000 scholarship
Mercedes Vasquez, $15,000 scholarship

Strasburg School District 31J
Bryce Hopwood, $3,600 scholarship
Brooke Mele, $3,600 scholarship

Westminster Public Schools
Jessica Burton, $20,000 scholarship
Leonel Godina, $20,000 scholarship
Matthew Murray, $20,000 scholarship
Angelica Nava, $20,000 scholarship
Maria Pham, $20,000 scholarship
Fayeth Pritchard, $20,000 scholarship
Victoria Waterman, $20,000 scholarship