More Than $1 Million in Scholarships Awarded to Students through Adams County Scholarship Fund

Fifty-eight Adams County high school students were awarded scholarships totaling more than $1 million on Tuesday, June 29, through the Adams County Scholarship Fund. Adams County Commissioners introduced the Scholarship Fund in 2016, making this the sixth group of recipients, in partnership with the Colorado Department of Higher Education's Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative.

“It’s inspiring to award these scholarships to these hard-working students from all corners of the county,” said Eva J. Henry, Chair of the Board of Commissioners. “We look forward to celebrating their college successes over the next four years as they make Adams County proud.”

The scholarships were funded with the voter-approved three percent sales tax on retail marijuana sales in the county. In addition, the Colorado Opportunity Scholarship Initiative matched the sales tax funds to increase the scholarship pool. First-generation and low-income high school seniors were among those eligible to apply for one of the scholarships.

“I was so excited to chat with some of these students at the banquet and learn about their future plans,” said Adams County Manager Raymond H. Gonzales. “Their dedication to their studies is a testament to the amazing teachers and staff at school districts throughout Adams County.”

The Board of Commissioners identified Adams County Education Consortium (ACEC) as the fiscal agent for the Adams County Scholarship Fund. ACEC works directly with county school districts or school district foundations. Those include Adams 12 Five Star Schools, Adams 14 Education Foundation, School District 27J Education Foundation, Mapleton District 1 Education Foundation, Westminster District 50 Education Foundation, Strasburg School District 31J, and Bennett School District 29J.

Adams 12 Five Star Schools
Jason Allen, $20,714.28 scholarship
​Alyssa Baca, $20,714.28 scholarship
Maxson Boyer, $20,714.28 scholarship
Quyen Bui, $20,714.28 scholarship
Eila Cansler, $20,714.28 scholarship
Spencer Case, $20,714.28 scholarship
Hannah Chavez, $20,714.28 scholarship
Briana Cordova, $20,714.28 scholarship
Yahir Coronado Herrera, $20,714.28 scholarship
Cristal De La Torre, $20,714.28 scholarship
Linh Giang, $20,714.28 scholarship
Faith Jones, $20,714.28 scholarship
Jennifer Juarez Hernandez, $20,714.28 scholarship
Amna Khamosh, $20,714.28 scholarship
Cinthia Lara, $20,714.28 scholarship
Jennifer Lara, $20,714.28 scholarship
Denisse Larrasolo Lozoya, $20,714.28 scholarship
Sarah Le, $20,714.28 scholarship
Gabriella Liberati, $20,714.28 scholarship
Grace Marquez, $20,714.28 scholarship
Nicole Martinez, $20,714.28 scholarship

Adams County School District 14
Jasmin Antillon-Chavez, $15,000 scholarship
Blanca Avalos, $15,000 scholarship
Jesus Garcia, $15,000 scholarship
Lizbeth Parra, $15,000 scholarship
Brian Ramirez, $15,000 scholarship
Jamie Santana, $15,000 scholarship
Noaha Skaggs, $15,000 scholarship
Lesly Tevillo, $15,000 scholarship
Liliana Weide, $15,000 scholarship
Guadalupe Zuniga-Torres, $15,000 scholarship

Bennett School District 29J
Braden Burt, $15,000 scholarship

Mapleton Public Schools
Axel Aguilar, $10,000 scholarship
Geraldine Albornoz, $10,000 scholarship
Joselynn Calderon, $20,000 scholarship
Brenda Escobar, $10,000 scholarship
Janeth Garcia, $20,000 scholarship
Jasnoor Kaur, $10,000 scholarship
Andrea Leyva, $10,000 scholarship
Hoguer Prieto Bustillos, $20,000 scholarship
Autumn Riehemann, $10,000 scholarship
Melanie Suarez, $10,000 scholarship

School District 27J
Prisylla Arteaga, $15,000 scholarship
Tessa Davis, $15,000 scholarship
Jack Dittiro, $15,000 scholarship
Aileen Franco, $15,000 scholarship
Jaylene Lovett, $15,000 scholarship
Daniel Zuniga, $15,000 scholarship

Strasburg School District 31J
Janeth Lopez, $15,000 scholarship
Chevy White, $15,000 scholarship

Westminster Public Schools
Stephanie Araiza Acuna, $20,000 scholarship
Sarai Damasco, $20,000 scholarship
Julieanna Knief, $20,000 scholarship
Thabo Manyothwane, $20,000 scholarship
Alejandra Rodriguez, $20,000 scholarship
Tristan Saldana Lopez, $20,000 scholarship
Theresa Tran, $20,000 scholarship
Christopher Valle, $20,000 scholarship