PD AeroSpace, LTD. and Colorado Air and Space Port Sign Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

PD AeroSpace, LTD. (PDAS) and Colorado Air and Space Port (CASP) have entered into an MOU, which lays out a series of future interactions that are mutually expected to occur between the two entities, but are not legally binding. Future actions include PDAS establishing a United States (U.S.) presence at CASP, working with CASP to create a relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and eventually conducting test flights and evaluations.

“I am delighted and honored to have executed a Memorandum of Understanding with Colorado Air and Space Port,” said Shuji Ogawa, CEO and CTO, PD AeroSpace, LTD.  “I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to those who were engaged in discussion of this MOU from Adams County, CASP, and other related organizations. This MOU execution is a notable and important step for our future.”

Once the MOU is signed, PDAS intends to proceed with the following:

  • Define mutual roles and milestones to implement the partnership and collaboration.
  • Begin coordination with U.S. FAA to begin testing flights in the U.S.
  • Incorporate various conditions and environments of the Space Port into their vehicle designs.
  • Most importantly, continue building a strong relationship with CASP.

Ogawa adds, “We will certainly be faced with a lot of challenges to implement the milestones we have laid out, but I am confident we will achieve these together with CASP, our precious and reliable partner.”

“The Adams County Board fully supports this partnership and the future growth opportunities associated with PD AeroSpace having a presence at Colorado Air and Space Port,” said Emma Pinter, Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair. “They have been fantastic partners from the beginning, and we look forward to cementing our relationship.”

“We are grateful for PD AeroSpace’s partnership,” said Raymond Gonzales, Adams County Manager. “The growth in this region is taking off, and we look forward to the economic development opportunities prompted by PD AeroSpace establishing a U.S. presence.”

PDAS is currently testing their XO6 prototype vehicle, focusing on validation of design functionality and control operations. Testing is planned in 2022 for the XO7 vehicle, with the intent to reach space using PDAS’s proprietary engine.

“We are very excited to hear about PD AeroSpace’s successful test of their X06 prototype. This is another important step toward their future spaceplane and moves them closer to realizing their goals for space access,” said Dave Ruppel, Colorado Air and Space Port Director. “This MOU we are signing today further solidifies the outstanding relationship that already exists between PD AeroSpace and Adams County’s Colorado Air and Space Port and lays out our collective goals for continuing to grow and expand that relationship. PD AeroSpace exemplifies the innovative, unique, and impactful technological development that is leading the way in the aerospace industry.”

To learn more about PD AeroSpace, LTD., visit their website. View the MOU here.