Quality of Life Survey Results Available Now

In January, Adams County residents had the opportunity to voice their opinions about their experience living in Adams County and their interactions with county services and employees. The county’s goal is to ensure that residents’ voices are heard so the Executive Leadership Team can identify existing challenges and plan for improvements to make Adams County a great place to live.

The Quality of Life survey helps improve transparency between the county and its residents and measures the residents’ levels of satisfaction with the services provided by the county.

The survey results are in, and 6,000 households participated. Some of the notable results include:

  • 80%  said the county and their neighborhoods as great places to live
  • 67% rated Adams County as an excellent or good place to work, a 13 percent increase from 2016
  • 63% rated the shopping opportunities in the county as excellent or good
  • 58%  believe the county treats residents with fairness and respect
  • 69%  rated Colorado Air and Space Port (formerly Front Range Airport) as excellent or good
  • 79% gave positive reviews of Adams County’s open space, parks, and trails system
  • 66% chose excellent or good for their overall rating of the quality of services Adams County provides
  • 58% believe the direction Adams County is taking is excellent or good
  • 83% of residents plan to remain in the county for the next five years
  • Adams County employee interaction—residents rated employees high in all areas: knowledge (84%), courtesy (84%), responsiveness (82%), respectfulness (81%), and overall impression (76%)
  • 82% recommend living in Adams County

Many of these rankings are on par with last year’s results or have improved on those results.

“I’m excited that a majority of our residents find great value in our parks and open spaces and gave them high praise,” says Steve O’Dorisio, Chair of the Board of County Commissioners. “These findings are consistent with how residents have felt in the past, and we certainly hope the expansion of Riverdale Regional Park will further display our commitment.”

County Manager Ray Gonzales was encouraged with how residents view the county’s employees.

“I found the survey results related to our residents interacting with our staff gratifying,” said Gonzales. “I’m thrilled that our residents recognized these amazing people and ranked them so highly in all key areas we surveyed.”

The National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) administered the survey. The results include an executive summary, survey background, results by strategic plan goals, and more. View the full report here. For more information on the Quality of Life Survey, visit the Adams County website.