Seasonal Code Compliance Graffiti Program

In response to a spike in graffiti and an increase in homelessness in Adams County, the Community Safety & Well-Being Department (CSWB) has launched a seasonal graffiti program. The intention is to fill two seasonal positions with people who are experiencing or have experienced homelessness.

CSWB launched this program to foster upward mobility and economic stability for a population that faces barriers to employment. The program provides an opportunity to develop new skills, serve the community, and earn a livable wage while bridging the gap, which aligns with current programming in CSWB.

“With an increase in homelessness over the past year, it’s even more important Adams County continues to find ways to help our residents who don’t have a permanent place to live,” said Eva J. Henry, Adams County Commissioner and Board Chair. “This can be a first step in bridging the employment gap and moving toward economic stability.”

In recent surveys of those experiencing unsheltered homelessness in Adams County, 59% indicated they are experiencing homelessness for the first time and 42% indicated they entered homelessness within the last six months.

“We’ve had an increase in graffiti across the county, and it’s important we continue to find innovative ways to address this issue that benefits both individuals and the community as a whole,” said Raymond Gonzales, County Manager. “Quality of life for all residents is important to the county and the Board of Commissioners, and keeping our neighborhoods safe and clean is a priority.”

“The past year has resulted in an unprecedented number of people experiencing homelessness, so this was an obvious next step for us,” said CSWB Director Matt Rivera. “Our department aims to elevate people and strengthen neighborhoods, and this initiative checks both boxes. Dedicating a few employment opportunities for people experiencing homelessness is just one example of how we can do our part toward keeping homelessness brief and one time. We hope this serves as a model for hiring managers everywhere.”

CSWB is recruiting two part-time, seasonal graffiti positions for the 2021 season. CSWB is seeking applicants who have experienced homelessness in the last 12 months, including living outside, in a vehicle, emergency shelter, transitional housing, hotel/motel, or a doubled-up situation.

If interested in applying for Seasonal – Code Compliance Officer/Graffiti Removal Technician, please visit our Career Opportunities website. CSWB will also rely on referrals from our community partners and direct outreach. If you need assistance in filling out the application, please contact Heather McClure, Adams County’s Community Justice Champion, at 720.688.1607 or [email protected].