Suncor ERT Boom Deployment Exercise - Aug. 26, 2022

Suncor’s Emergency Response Team will conduct an oil spill exercise today, Friday, Aug. 26, on the South Platte River near 104th Ave. in Thornton.

The team will practice deploying oil containment booms in a simulated release scenario beginning around 1 p.m. No oils, chemicals, or other materials will be placed into the river, with the exception of rope and boom which will be removed at the completion of the exercise. This exercise will consist of:

  •    Responding to the site
  •    Reviewing any site specific conditions (water flow, rates, etc.)
  •    Deploying containment boom
  •    Setting anchor points in the banks
  •    Breaking down the equipment
  •    Departing site (no permanent installations to be left behind and all work areas to be cleaned up prior to departure)

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