Three County Clerks Debut First-of-Its-Kind Ballot Dropbox Ahead of November 8 Election

Ballot Dropbox

Tri-Branded Dropbox To Serve All Three Counties; Voter Registration Event in Honor of National Voter Education Week

Clerks Joan Lopez of Arapahoe County, Josh Zygielbaum of Adams County, and Paul D. López of the City and County of Denver debuted a first-of-its-kind tri-branded ballot dropbox at Martin Luther King Jr. Library to the East Colfax neighborhood. As part of National Voter Education Week, the Clerks discussed the importance of civic engagement, drop box security, and providing accessible resources for voters. Residents met the Clerks and registered to vote on-site with support from county voter engagement staff.

Voter education is an essential component of the voter journey, filling the gap between registration and casting a ballot while helping voters – especially new voters – navigate the democratic process with confidence. However, the area has markedly fewer active registered voters compared to the state average.

Excluding uncharacteristically high turnout nationally in the 2020 election, just slightly over half of eligible Asian Americans and Latinos were registered to vote in the prior two federal elections nationally, with a persistent disparity as compared to white voters of 15-20 percent less in voter registration and turnout. However, once registered, people are more likely to take the next step and vote.

Adams, Arapahoe, and Denver Clerks want to ensure those who have interest in voting can cast a meaningful ballot in the November 8th election, and hope this historic ballot box will provide increased access to voting for residents of all three counties.

“The partnership between Adams, Arapahoe, and Denver for a drop box is a boon for all our voters. Ballot drop boxes are a safe, secure, and convenient way for residents to vote and to vote early,” said Josh Zygielbaum, Adams County Clerk & Recorder. “When residents vote prior to Election Day, we can start processing those ballots as soon we receive them. This ensures the timely release of preliminary results after polls close; something’s that’s especially important in elections like the 2022 General Election, where the ballot may be longer than in previous years.”

Clerk Joan Lopez of Arapahoe County said, “Voters trust ballot drop boxes because they’re sturdy, they’re video-monitored 24 hours a day and ballots are retrieved by bipartisan teams. This box has been serving Adams and Arapahoe voters for years, we’re glad Denver voters now have access to this convenient location as well.”

“The East Colfax community has been vocal in needing more resources to make their voices heard. Having this dropbox in a high traffic, accessible part of the community is a step toward the goal of making voting easy no matter where folks live,” said Paul D. López, Denver Clerk & Recorder. “While this dropbox doesn’t solve every problem, the Adams and Arapahoe Clerks and I are proud to continue working with the community to offer more secure options for folks across the metro area.”

Ballots for the November 8 election will be mailed to voters on Monday, Oct 17.